Thursday, May 15, 2008

Me and Carson with Hanley Ramirez

(written by Paul!)
I got a phone call late Tuesday that one of the Florida Marlins players was needing one of the items I sell for work. (Super Stoked). I was to call the team trainer in the morning and he would be able to get Carson and I in the locker room, dugout, and onto the field during batting practice. A once in a lifetime chance. I got to meet a bunch of their stars including Hanley Ramirez (about to sign a 6 year $70 MILLION extension), Luis Gonzalez, and Josh Willingham. We went into the lockerroom for a bit and it looks just like it does on tv. Some guys sitting around watching tv, some playing video games, and others in the training room. We then went to the dugout and out on the field to watch bp. We stood there with the trainer, Tony Perez, Dusty Baker, and all the Marlins. A few of the guys messed with Carson. He ened up with 8 or 9 balls. Pretty cool. We got seats right behind the 3rd base dugout and several of the players remembered Carson being on the field and threw him balls as they went into the dugout. What a blast. Here are some pics with Hanley Ramirez and Luis Gonzalez.


Kristin said...

I'm particularly jealous of you all meeting Luis. He's one of my favorites.

So, what do you sell for work? I'm curious. :)

Teaque said...

What an awesome opportunity for Carson and well of course Paul too. (You want to say that Paul wrote that - it's a little confusing if I didn't know.) So cool!!

Heather said...

So Brad is convinced that we are totally hanging out with the wrong crowd. Can we set up a play date with our husbands....?

We are so jealous!