Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cutest Ethiopian dolls ever!!

If you remember from earlier posts I made the bio kids these dolls last year. I started the boys dolls but never finished them ..part due to the fact that I am not that great with a sewing machine and in part because I was kinda nervous about making the dolls before things were final with the boys.A friend of mine Shelly who got the idea from my blog has made a mini-business making these dolls (although hers are extra extra sweet and unique!) you check out her super cute variations here and maybe order some for your little ones!
Shelly was nice enough to spend time on her girls weekend to finish my dolls for me rather than scrapbook!! How sweet was that!!! I am so forgetful, so busy and have had so many issues getting pictures uploaded that I am just now getting a chance to say THANK YOU!!!!!
The boys LOVE them! When Teaque pulled them out of her car to show me a sneak peak Lincoln ran to them and grabbed them hugged them!!
Here is the line up of all 5!

Lincoln gave his lots of kisses....

....and hugs!

Camden loves his doll!

He loves sleeping with it!

Paul's first Father's Day as a daddy of FIVE!!!...that just means more hugs and kisses!!

The girls have always jumped on uncle Georgie and used him as a human jungle gym....well the boys catch on quickly!!

Look at this handsome face!!

Awwwhhh ain't he sweet!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sights of Ethiopia

I will say that Ethiopia had the most diverse extremes of any place I have visited. There are million dollar homes beside tin shantys....beautiful skyscrapers with goats walking in front of them....6 lane highways made of dirt and no traffic studios and barber shops are plentiful in small tin structures....coca-cola in a bottle can be found nearly everyblock or two in a small "storefront" window....every block is different, oh so different I could not take my eyes off of the road, I enjoyed seeing all of the the land,structures and of course the people! The people are all happy and peaceful. Grown men holding hands, children singing and skipping (sometimes with siblings strapped to their back!), men playing foos-ball on broken tables on the side of the road, muslim, orthodox, rich and poor and living side by side....peacefully.
When we asked about the crime rate our driver said there is none...that the rich and poor live happily together! What a concept! Below are just a few of many pictures that show the diversity of the city.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Love at First Site!

I have not yet gone back and blogged much about our time in Ethiopia...partly because of how busy we have been since we have come home and partly because it is such an emotional issue that it wears me out thinking about it all.
We arrived in Addis on Sunday morning..we were quite obviously so anxious to get our hands on the boys but Eyob and the older children were at church so we had to WAIT...!!! If you know me you know that I love surprises...I open my Christmas gifts last...never find out the sex of my babies...and never like a spoiler on a gift...etc. So when we learned we had a few hours to kill before meeting the boys, I embraced a few more hours of the suspense! We dined at a great little restaurant named The Amsterdam...GREAT food...coke in a bottle, delicious spring rolls, yummy pizza, the best cream of chicken soup Paul had ever eaten...I could go on and on but you get the idea!!
With our bellies full..we head to the orphanage. When we arrive they tell us the boys are napping and lead us in to a group of older boys. I spot a few familiar faces (Nati & Nahom) and immediately burst into tears! It was so surreal to see children in person that I had only seen in pictures! I was so busy talking to the boys and loving on them that I was so shocked when I turned and walked out the door into a small hall type/porch-ish area...and here comes Eyob with the boys!!! Below is the first glimpse of the boys and I meeting!
Camden (Yishake) was given to Paul and he immediately hung tightly on his neck and laid his head on Paul's chest. He seemed at peace. We find out that he had been asking "when could he go?" for days and he looked at Eyob and asked while in Pauls arms "can I go now..." when Eyob said yes, he replied with "go to America "!
Little Lincoln/Baby/Yohannes was so pityful. He felt so much smaller than I expected, he was light and almost hollow! I wanted to squeeze him and squeeze him but was so afraid I would hurt him! He was so scared , shaking and crying sound only tears streaming down his little cheeks. I would say he acted nervous for about an hour before he started warming up to us. Shortly after that he would not even go back to Eyob...which made everyone laugh! Eyob said he was slow to warm up but once he did he was yours for good...and that still holds true!

Monday, June 8, 2009

things that apparently scare the "b-jibbies" out of little Ethiopians!

Poor little Lincoln is afraid of...are you ready???
Metal Tongs (like grab the hot dog tongs)
I do not mean a bit nervous around these items I mean ridiculously terrified!! When Paul would come in off the deck with the tongs Lincoln would scream, run, shake, completely bear hug the nearest person NOT HOLDING tongs!!! It was hilarious but at the smae time so sad that I was unsure if pictures were in good taste!

As for the dinos unfortunately all of the other kids have a bit of fun with this one...a simple shake of the dino and it sends him shrieking in terror!! Today he was in the far corner of the couch for an extremely long time and then I realized there were some dinos on the floor and he would not get off the couch!

And then there is Camden...he was horrified beyond belief..eyes not blinking, mouth hanging open scared.....while I gentley assisted Madelyns loose tooth out at the dinner table!! (Did I mention she was hysterical and then there was lots and lots of blood?)
Paul said he was surveying the house for a way out when we fall asleep! And that he was going to ask if there is a phone number to Africa because these white people are crazy!!!

***Edited to add in a few more SCARY things in my boys world!
Lincoln is also afraid of dinosaur puzzles, the vacuum - he will not be in the same room as an unplugged vacuum!, the hand mixer making up some yummy cookie dough, tickles...and I am sure this list will be added to frequently!!