Sunday, December 26, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

While the best things in life are not things....
However the kids have found a few favorite things this holiday season.

Maddie tickled everyone modeling her UK cheerleading outfit. She put it on immediately and has also spent all day today in it! Thank you Doe & Georgie!
She also got a PSP, Razor scooter, Barbies and more.
Although Cam got lots of Toy Story toys...guitar, Legos, Train set and other things like a kitchen set, remote control boat and more. His favorite toy seems to be the little motorcyle in front..he has ran it out of batteries driving it continously!
Carson's favorite gift was probably his skateboard and ramps. (He also received an early gift last month of a guitar and he could practicve for his lessons).

Lincoln likes everything but this was the last gift and he was ridiculous! He rode around through the living room like royalty!

Annie's big gift was her American Girl Doll! This is Annie with Lanie!

We had two lovely days of family, food and fun! We tried to continue reminding the children of the true meaning of the holiday and that it was not about gifts but about the birth of our Savior. I am sad to say that it never seems to be the focus of the holidays for us. Which just saddens me. I am not sure as to what extent we should let the children be children and just enjoy the magic. Once you get 15+ people in a room it just all seems to fly out the window. I continue to pray for guidance on simplifying the holiday and pointing more to HIM and less on us.
All that being said we did have a few changes to our usual holiday celebrations. On Christmas Eve we woke up early and exchanged gifts at our house with the children. We then headed across the street to Pauls parents house. We enjoyed homemade chicken and beef tacos (a family favorite!) After opening gifts the snow began to fall and we loaded up and headed to my moms house. We had decided to spend Christmas Eve at her house because our new house is just too small for 5 childrens gifts! We drove through the beautiful falling snow and arrived in time to put the kiddos to bed. On Christmas morning we had a huge breakfast and then lunch and then gifts! Then we headed back home to visit with Pauls family again because his other sister had arrived!
Well it is all over now...the time to organize and find room for all of the new "stuff" that has arrived!