Friday, February 22, 2008


I just posted a comment on Teaques blog and noticed the date..ughggh I am now offcially 31!!! Darnit!!!
Let's go random...saw little Corynn...she is kids all want one....
Saw the new Basic Grey and Fancy Pants lines....loved'em....want'em........
I have scrapped about 9 more pages since last weekend.....
Oh here ya go(out of the mouths of babes) yesterday during our lesson on the Egyptians I ask Carson if he knows what a mummy is he says "Yes, it is a ghost wrapped in toliet paper" later we were wrapping the kids in TP for the lesson. Carson went first and Madelyn says "Well, I will be the dad" I ask her why she wants to be the dad and she says "because Carson is being the mommy" mummy..mommy get it?!?!
Better go to sleep...Carson has a 9am game....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Several days of posting.....

So this weekend my family and a friend came over to scrapbook...we did lots of eating (imagine that!) ..lots of talking and of course scrapping! I completed 19 pages..which is not good for two reasons. 1.) I always like to complete about 50 on a weekend (to my defense it was at my house so I was still messing with hubby and children, food and we did leave on Sat. morning to watch 2 ball games!!) 2.) Those 19 pages were only July and some of that is ridiculously too many pages for a month!
This is a spread for when Paul entered a The 7th Inning Stretch Contest to sing the "Take Me Out To the Ballgame.." song at Wrigley Field. We all dressed up and drove to Chicago for his audition. He did not win but we did have a great few days in Chicago! We visited with Paul's sister and some of his friends from his childhood...drove by his childhood house and schools...visited the Field museum and more!
A fun Rockstar layout from the Emerson Drive concert that was down at Fourth Street Live.

Some fun pics from our snow last week! I tried to take some the night it began but my camera froze..LITERALLY!! I really think the cold messed it up! We all tubed for a couple hours late into the night. This is the next day and little Annastyn was sleeping!
Oh my goodness...this really happened! She went right into the tree like in a cartoon! Funny thing is there is only this tree in out backyard...the chances of hitting this was very slim!

Within 2 seconds of Madelyn's wreck...Carson ran into the neighbors vegetable garden hitting the wood stacks, aluminum pie pans and flipping off!!!

Mommy and Daddy took the kids to Build A Bear for our Valentines date and their valentine gift.
Carson picked a puppy and he named it Cody...he chose a skateboard and a pair of Sketchers!
Annastyn chose a monkey ...fell in love with the cowboy hat and then picked out the cute outfit! She named her Monkey (are you seeing the trend in her naming)...Paul put Monkee A. Maynard on the birth certificate!
Madelyn chose an adorable pink teddy bear she dressed with a cute Love Bug outfit and pink Crocs (she had a purse too but daddy hid it from her while we checked out!)
Here is picture with me and my Valentines at our co-op party.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Here ya go Shelley! THis top pic is not my pic but looks exactly like some that I shot in 2004!! I will have to dig those out! Funny look what I am posting on V-day! We actually had a fun filled to come!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh my goodness I had to post again...I am SO excited!! My mamaw called to tell me that MY man Justin Bruening is going to be on the new Night Rider show on tv!!! He was on All My Children for several years and I actually got to meet with him and all the other stars at the Super Soap Weekend at DisneyWorld!! He is a DOLL...cute & sweet. I knew he would not be on daytime long because he makes Tom Cruise look homely!!! I will have to add that show to my list!

a bit of randomness...

Okay not sure why the pics of the same set loaded seperately..(I know I am computer illiterate!!) So last week it was really warm here (and now there are several inches of snow on the ground!) and we went with several families to the Extreme Skate Park downtown. This first pic is my darling "niece by friendship"..Brinley!! Here is the gang! Nathan, Carson, Brianna, Madelyn, Annastyn, Michael, Ryleigh, Brinley and Brayden.
Here are Carson and Nathan wiped out!!! Ouch!
Brayden Kyle cannot wait to be a skateboarder like the big boys!
Here is a page of Carson with his long hair and guitar..a true rocker !!!hehe Rhonda Ferrar paper.
OH and here Shelly I forgot Annie's fish and her name is ...well, Fish!!
Annastyns tank!
Annie at teh skate park on her big girl scooter Granny gave her!

3 new family members

Here are the children with their new pets!!! This is Tinker Bell, Madelyn fish.
Her "TV" cute is that!
Carson's fish Jaz (becuase it is HYPER)!
Carson's tank...matches his cowboy room!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Annastyn Ruby

In the second picture she looks more like her sissy than in any other picture ever taken!

Since my childhood freinds husband passed away a couple of years ago, my children have sent him balloons up to heaven. Today they decided to put a note on it for God. Carson's said Dear God Thank you for making my body From Carson
He got outside and turned around and came back inside to add .....and for my sisters I love you GOD! Awwww! Madelyn just enjoys writing her name and random letters in general!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pinewood Derby

I am so proud of my boys (hubby and son)! Carson won first place in the den Cub Scout Pinewood Derby and then went on to race against the entire pack (all ages!) and won first!! He will now go against boys of his age in the district derby!! THere were also 3 awards that went out (most scout spirit, most original and most colorful) he won the Most Colorful category too!!!

With his own cheerleaders!!
He glittered the entire car and then added flames!

Okay this should be enough pics to give you an idea of all the goods I got! I love this set of skater/bike goodies for our trips to our Extreme Skate Park. Here are some oldies but goodies...I have wanted to Elsie collection for some "I Love..." albums for my kiddos. Grabbed some of the travel goodies too!
Just liked this...
Fun rub-ons!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

..and more!!

These are some of the embellsishments....Fun colors!!
i love these color combinations.
Elsie Home collection..thought this would be great for our new home album!
This was one of those fun sets that I HAD to know I need to find a local petting zoo.