Wednesday, December 26, 2007

You know it is the day after Christmas 2007 when.....

1. you have a baby that poops and pees
2. Oops 2 babies that poop and pee
3. diapers (for the above dolls) that are double the price of Huggies newborn diapers
4. a robot dog that needs to be pet, fed, talked to, tickled or it whines or gets sick
5. Oops 2 dogs that needs all that time and attention
6. a parrot that talks, farts and sings
7. R2D2 that mishaves....
8. the new Playstation 3 Rockband and it is for your HUBBY!
9. 8 new baby dolls
10. Dora ponys, boots, tico, Dora pony trailor, Dora that dances, dora twins and 10 sets of Dora furniture
11. 10+ new Barbies
12. several piles of clothes
13. 12 cans of trash
14. 4 returns to make
15. a fridge full of leftovers