Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Eve!

Let me start with a disclosure! I CANNOT get more than 5 pics uploaded per post on blogspot?!? Sometimes I canot even get 5 loaded?!
So I am bummed because I had to narrow down the pics to....well...FIVE!!!

So on to New Years! We have been out of the "get invited" to a party loop for quite a bit now. Somehow once you have a handful(no pun intended) of children the invites sorta drop off! So the last couple of years we have just stayed home. Last year we mostly watched movies but that was kinda BORING! There is just no interaction with each other. So for a few years I have wanted to use this cutey patootie idea from my sweet friend Marcy, and it just never happened.
So this year I was determined to make memories with the kiddos...(okay there was a little prideful push by Maddie who exclaimed with dissapointment, "it's NOT a party of no one else is coming!!!!!") I was determined to please the littles and of course daddy with my little surprises!!

So each hour there is a cute little poem in a bag filled with anything related to that hour.
I drew a clock on each bag from 5pm to 12midnight! Each hour we opened a new bag and did the activity inside. Beware the night went SO fast! The kids have never watched a clock as much! And in between hours in the down time we danced it out to Wii Just Dance (yes i did hold the record for the night!!!)Oh and I also still hold the family record for Perfection!!just sayin!

5pm (filled with horns, hats, and leis) So we dressed up like crazy people and they blew their horns until I made a steadfast rule of NO horn blowing because it was bad luck!
"It's time to start the party
Count down to the new year
We'll open one bag each hour
Until 2011 is here!"

6pm (Inside the bag was Brownie mix and we made homemade icing for them. Paul and Carson do not like sweets so they wanted chips and cheese!!)
"I think it's time to have a treat
Beware its gonna be very sweet!
For my big boys I'm sure this won't please
But don't worry there's always chips and cheese!
7pm (Inside was the cube version of Pictureka. As a sidenote we LOVE Pictureka! We have 3 different versions and it is a game all of us can play together!!)
"We must be careful and not let this party get lame
I think it's time to play a game!
No more time in front of the tube
Its time to find the picture on the cube!"

8pm (this is where we ate all of the appetizers and snacks we bought for the party!)
"2010 will soon be gone.
In will come 2011
Let's eat some treats and have some fun
This is gonna be heaven!"
9pm (filled with Yahtzee game)
"The time has come to play a game
Can you guess which one?
Roll the dice, score a full house
Score the highest and you've won!"
(FYI Cam was the winner of all! Scoring 2 Yahtzees!!!)

10pm (we recently had our old movies put on DVD and we had never watched them. This was the best part of our night! The kids have not stopped talking about them and it was SO much better than watching a rental movie!!!)
"It's time to laugh a little, remember a little
And popcorn too!
Some old home movies
Will have to do!"
11pm (hot chocolate was in the bags, however we were all too full to eat anything else!)
"I know you are getting sleepy
Only 1 more hour 'til a new date!
So lets have some hot chocolate
While for 2011 we wait!"
12pm (I was actually going to let them all have a sip of Mt. Dew but they were so busy kissing, hugging and BLOWING horns that they never even asked about the drink!They did enjoy opening the door and blowing the horns for the neighbors! How cool is it that mamaw & papaw live across the street and they heard the racket and opened their door...which increased the horn blowing!! The neighborhood also had quite the firework display they kids watched from the front door. Oh and we only had 4 that lasted until midnight...Annie went to asleep about 10 minutes before!!)
"It's time to say good-bye to '10
watching the ball drop will be revin'!
A hug, a kiss and a sweet drink for the toast
Happy New Year, its 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Notice Maddie's face because of the people kissing in town square!)
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!!!!!!!!!