Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All She Wants For Christmas Is Her Two Front Teeth

Madelyn's other front tooth was knocked out when she was only 2, (trying to trapeze on her canopy bed!). Four years later she has finally lost the other one! It was wiggling for days. Mommy absolutely cannot stand a loose tooth, I want to pull them or wiggle them or tie string on them. Carson is such a sissy he never lets me have much fun, I eventually put him in a headlock and yank them! Well Madelyn is such a trooper she let me try everything! She has pulled all of her other teeth herslef so I thought it was daddy's turn, so Madelyn let him and boom it was gone!
I logged onto Utube and showed her some videos of the "All I Want For Christmas...." and so then she sang it for Paul and I we were rolling...the line "sither Shusy thitting on a thisle"...LOVE IT!!

Week in Chicago!

Daddy's friend Mike that he grew up with is in the military and is stationed in Japan. He was home for a visit so we headed up to Chicago to visit with him. Pauls sister still lives there so we also squeezed in a visit with the fam!! We spent one day with the friends (no pics ) having lots of fun eating and playing Pictionary (GIRLS RULE!!). We always have a blast with Pet and Mandy, Mike and Natalie and the 9 kiddos!! Too bad we are not closer to Chicago...or Japan!!
We spent one day in the city at the Shedd aquarium (now Camden wants a dolphin for Christmas!) and we spent lots of time eating all of daddy's favorite foods from the city!!

Camden's First Haircut!

The hair! Paul and I said before the boys were even home that we would let their hair be longer or I guess the appropriate term would be a "fro"! We love it and we think it is precious. Lincoln has a good curl and is doing really well...Cam's on the other hand...not so much! His curls are different and it was more boxy than Linc's. Carson recently got a cut and Camden has been asking for a cut, so it was time!!
His first American haircut!!
I wonder what the process has been like in the orphanage because he did very well, but at the same time was a bit timid and nervous (not a normal trait of Camdens!!).
We had been told about an African barber shop in J-town, so we headed out! As I peeked in the door I got the weird look from all of the men waiting like "lady your in the wrong spot"! So I go in and snuggle my white self among all the black men waiting annd black barbers. Who I am sure were all just giggling inside!! When Camden's turn came he jumped up into the seat.
With his big knotted up afro getting bigger and bigger as the barber picked it out, I was sinking lower and lower into my seat! So then I figured I would cut some of the tension as I announce to the entire shop "I am pulling the mommy card and taking out my camera because this is his first haricut". At that point I started taking pictures and had small talk with a couple of the men...wheww tensions relieved!!
Back to Camden...he did great, sat as still as a mouse. When it was over he ran to me and held me for dear life, so I think he was more nervous than he was letting on! He loves his new cut and is showing everyone, telling them "I no cry when my hair cut little"!!
So withour further!

He looks older in these pictures, but in person he looks about 1 year younger!