Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mommy/Annastyn/Camden Date Night

With the cold weather that hit us we had to head to The Mall to my favorite store...Children's Place. It was mostly Annie that needed to try on the pants so I decided to make it a date night for us. Then my sweetie pie inssited that Camden join us...so we had a triple date!
We spent the first couple of hours in the store and then we headed to get "chicken and fries". The lady at the counter asked if they were both mine with a weird expression, I think she even surprised herself because she then ran over and handed each of the kids a stuffed cow!!
On the way out of the mall we stopped by a photo booth and the kids hammed it up for some precious pics! It was a great night of fun, laughter and comments like " You are the best big brother in the world!" and " we need to hold hands Camden and skip like this..." and "Annie is my family in America".....fun times I tell ya!!
I do want to point out that it is a great testament to the good that comes out of "twining" through adoption. They are becoming closer every day!

Here is pic of Annie and I before we left! photograph by Camden
Here is Camden and myself. Photograph by Annastyn

The kids dancing! Photograph by mommy

In their matching tee-s that I bought last January!! Linc has one that says "Little Brother"!!

The ever powerful hugs...part love, part meanies!!! hehe