Sunday, August 26, 2007

Annastyn Ruby

Our baby girl!!

My Chocolate Blond!!

This pic was taken back in winter of Madelyn drinking her hot chocolate. This girl could eat chocolate and a side of chocolate for every meal!!

Future Graduate of 2019 baby boy!!!

Our Party of Five

Here is a picture of our family. It was taken at Carsons Kindergarten graduation. It is not the best picture of any of us, I try to find a better one!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


This is my Maddee!!! This was taken in Mexico at the Mayan Ruins of Tulume. The Ruins overlook the ocean and there is this little nook of a beach. It was amazing to think how it must have looked hundreds of years ago!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Watch out Cade!!

Tonight Madelyn started Cubbies (the 4 year old program for Awana at church) and her "boyfriend" Michael went with her. As they walk in the teacher asks if they are brother and sister (they are mistaken for twins often!) ...they say "No" and she asks if they are friends and they say "No"...then Michael says (while holding Madelyn's hand ...ahhhh) and says "No, but we are getting married when we get bigger!" Madelyn chimes in with a goofy grin and says "Yeah"!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

..a new baby for us????

Yesterday Carson tells daddy that he has wished up a falling star a hundred billion, million times for a little baby brother.

Less than an hour before Madelyn says to me, "Mommy are you taking care of my baby brother that is in your belly?"

Do they know something that I do not know??

Monday, August 20, 2007

our curriculum choices

I know many homeschool friends who will begin reading...soooooooooooooooo!

Carson/6 years/1st grade
Shurley Grammar
Explode the Code
Saxon Math & Math-u-see
Mystery of History
Notebooking for Science
How Great Thou Art (art)
Handwriting Without Tears

He also takes 4 classes at co-op (co-op is when groups of homeschoolers get
together and the parents pool their talents and teach various classes).
He takes Musical Cities, Math Games, Water, Water Everywhere and World
He is also in Boy Scouts and plays/played Soccer, Basketball and Baseball. Oh Awana & choir as well. He now wants to take "Karake" as he calls it.

Madelyn will be (at her pace of course) doing:
Handwriting without Tears
Saxon k
Her ABC Journal
How to Teach your Child to REad in 100 easy lessons
saxon Phonics

Her co-op classes include Handwriting, art, PE and Circle time and Ballet. She is also in soccer, Awana and childrens choir.

Pretty boring but that is all I've got!!

more of those funny kid moments! we are outside and Carson comes up to daddy and I and says, "Mommy that poor little ant couldn't find anything to fit into his little hole. I helped him, I put a little bity piece of dirt into his hole for him." Of course I am touched by his kindness and compassion for the little ant.....and then giggle to my self as I picture the little ants trapped in their hole because the "giant" blocked off the entrance!!!hehe

Oh and the best one!! I am in Wal-mart the other day with all 3 children, it is late and we are all tired and YES I am "grocery, grocery shopping" coupons and all. We were in Wal-mart for over 3 hours! So we are in the health and beauty section and I am pouring through my coupons for 'ahem' feminine products. I am in deep thought as I try to find the brand, size, shape and serial number of the items on my coupon! I hear Madelyn yell (yes YELL!!) oh look at these big band-aids...I turn to see she is pointing to some pads....(she laughs...LOUDLY!!). I ignore this. Carson (always ready to prove sis wrong) YELLS back ..."no they are not band-aids, Madelyn...they are diapers!!" they both laugh...LOUDLY!!! I respond this time...with " Carson she is right they are band-aids". Carson says "oh".
About 2 seconds go by and he begins to read all the packages one by one..brand name and tag line plus any info on the package. It goes like this.."staayyfreee", "staayfreee", followed by tag line, extra long...Alwaayss...Carefree....etc etc for about 40 packages.
**Oh and of course every man in Wal-mart happened to be within an ear shot of this entire conversation!!!!!!!


Say What

Okay we all have the funny kid stories, the things our children say and do every day that tickles our hearts or completely mortifies us. Lets begin with Madelyn...every school year I change our schoolroom around and hang new posters, sort buckets and try to make the room fun and exciting for the new school year. As I am working, Madelyn asks me what I am doing. I tell her that I am organizing, she says "Oh, organizing means putting things where they belong, and making places for things that do not have a place". I was so shocked because unfortunately Madelyn has been dubbed the "blond". Don't get me wrong we have always known she was smart, lets just say uninterested in learning for the most part!!!! I am noticing such a maturity change and confidence boost since she turned four (last month). This is so important to me because I am a huge believer in birth order/personality and since she is the middle child I always worry about her!
I told how how smart she was and asked where did she learn about a big word like that. She reminded me that she learned it from me, that "remember mommy you are my teacher and everything I learn, I learn from you!" Of course as a homeschooling heart was melting and eyes had tears in it. With all the work we put into everyday it is those little moments that make it all worth it.

Carson gave us a laugh this weekend at the lake. He woke my aunt & uncle up and said "You know that you would get s deeper level of sleep, if you had a sleepnumber

Carson was very upset because at Sunday school the other children were making fun of a "fat girl". We discussed it for a long time and talked about all the different shapes and sizes people are. We discussed feeling etc. I was so proud that he was so worried about her. We talked about those in our family who are a bit chunky etc, he then says "But Uncle Bubby is not fat, he just ate too much food!). Very comical in a serious conversation (uncle Bubby is a big 'ole boy!!!!!

...more to come

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

30 things in 30 days

I know I need to make a list of 30 things to do before I turn 31...but I have more immediate issues to deal with so here is my list of 30 things to do in 30 days!!! (I tend to buck authority!!)

1.) Create Blog (wheeew I can cross of one!!) -done-

2.) Organize school room -Done-

3.) Find a school table

4.) Plan a birthday party for Annastyn.

5.) Find the carpet in my bedroom.

6.) Organize my scrapbook room. (this alone could take 30 days!)

7.) Order the last bit of curriculum for this year.

8.) Create lesson plans for at least 9 weeks.

9.) Finish lesson plans for 3 co-op classes. -done-

10.) Double check plans for Disney.

11.) Pack for Disney

12.) Rub it in Teaques face that we are going to Disney! -done-

13.) Order Disney cake for Annie's b-day while in Disney.

14.) Figure out what type of Disney autograph album I am taking.

15.) Get to the first day of co-op EARLY! -DONE.. WOW!!!-

16.) Figure out the Rebel so I can get good pics of the Disney fireworks and the night parade.

17.) Upload the Chicago pics to develop.

18.) Go to the lake (this one is for hubby!) -done-

19.) Sell lakehouse.

20.) Learn how to post pictures on here...

21.) Scrapbook

22.) brain is dead so this will be continued!

Here Goes.......

This is my first official post ever! First let me explain take the first three letters of each of my childrens names.........Carson, Madelyn and Annastyn!! Waalaah!!, it's our "family name"!!
I also need to thank Teaque for tempting me with the idea for my own blog!! I guess she thinks I have alot to say and will now not have to be on the phone with her for an eternity!!!!I got the hint!!!