Monday, July 29, 2013

Maddie's Moustache Swim Bash!

My sweet funny girl told me LAST year that this year would be a moustache themed party...I was not sure why and certainly did not think 365 days later she would still have the same theme in mind!! Lucky for me moustache's are EVERYwhere now and so easy to find! I ordered her invite off etsy and then the woman was kind enough to create a custom package for me as well! Maddie is quite a tomboy so she chose the "boy colors" rather than the neon pinks and oranges! I was a bit bummed at first since i have plenty of boy stuff all around me with four sons and a sweet hubby, but it turned out to be a great color scheme with a great POP of color fun!
 Above I simply added 'stache stickers on the drink cups, Duck tape on the water bottles (sitting in an Ikea bin from the school room!) and weaved some matching ribbon in my cute little porcelain platter!
 The drink table!
 I tickled myself with these candy moustaches!! I found the molds at Michaels. Notice the bowl behind the sign with chips has washi tape around the rim for added fun!
The goodie bags jars were a hit too! These were old pickle jars, spaghetti sauce jars etc. I removed the labels (Thank goodness for Norwex envirocloth which removed the labels in a breeze including the sticker residue) spray painted the lids with black chalkboard paint and added vinyl labels that said  "my stache". I told the kids they could use it for money or candy or whatever they "stache"! Inside was some candy, moustache whistle, moustache stickers and a sunglass/nose combo.
 The girls also received Hershey bars with custom labels.

Of course the girls had a blast with the photo booth fun!! It was a pool party and she had 9 girls come plus her and her sissy. The swam jumped on the trampoline had photo booth fun and of course ate and snacked on the candy buffet, cake and more!

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you are amazing, girl.